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newbie alert!

1.) Name/Nickname: awallens

2.) What’s your sign, baby? taurus rules!

3.) Name three things that make you happy. quietly lusting after guys, books, my friends

4.) What do you do to de-stress? read, blast music, walk, chat with friends, chill with a good movie.

5.) Are you more Conservative or Liberal? Much much more liberal

6.) What’s your comfort food? Chocolate, but I'm trying to get healthy so I'm in between comfort foods which is a bad thing!

7.) Name a few of your favorite films and/or TV shows. I just recently joined net flicks
so I expect to watch many more movies. I love love Alan Rickman though so any of his movies, I imagine are my favorites.
8.) And a couple of artists/CDs that you can’t seem to stop spinnin’. Nickel Back's all the Right Reasons, anything by Canye West, Wicked, and I'm especially into soundtracks, especially Little Women, and Anna and the King, lovely relaxing clasical music.

9.) What are some of your favorite books/authors? I love Tabitha King, Jeff Shaara, Shakespeare, Stephen King, etc etc etc, I love to read.

10.) Who/What/Where is your greatest inspiration? My mom, my dad, basically my family.

11.) Have you ever felt the Zsa Zsa Zsu? But of course!

12.) How/Where/From Whom did you find out about us? sparklejazz

13.) Do you know of any communities that would want to be affiliated with us? Afraid not

14.) What would you like to see happen here at Zsa Zsa Zsu? anything, anything, I'm excited to be a member!
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